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Manaslu Specialized Trekking Guide

Mr. Krishna Khanal

We consider him as one of the best guides of our company as there is no such negative feedback from our client whom he had handled during the Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trekking. He is the reason of the company to be proud in case of Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trekking as he has been there more than fifteen times in his trekking carrier as a senior trekking guide. 
Talking about him he is a university graduated possessing excellent knowledge about local people, Buddhist culture, ethnic practice and costumes of people in mountain. He is hard working, honest and sincere employee of our company. According to feedback of our client he can response to need and queries of each and every clients even in a colossal group and clients use to refer him as a guide for their friend whom they suggest our company. 
He is fluent in both spoken and written English along with good Chinese language for communication. He is very flexible, helpful and reliable person. He is working with our company since the establishment of our company. During his trekking carrier he has handle FIT as well as group through various other restricted areas trekking of Nepal like Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpa Trek, Kanchenjhunga trek along with Tsum Valley and Nar-Phu Valley trek. In short he had specialized his career in restricted area trekking of Nepal.

Mr. Mahendra Simkhada 

He is also another star of our company with eighteen years of experience in high mountain of Nepal along with Tibet. He also had conducted Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek more than ten times in his career as a senior guide and group leader.
Talking about Mahendra he is one of the professional trekking guides among his colleagues. In his career he has been to several breath taking passes of Nepal like Dhaulagiri pass, Rupina La-pass trek, Sherpini Coal (6000m and more), Amalapcha Pass and other. He has also guide the group from Tibet Lhasa to Kathmandu in mountain bike also. We admire his stamina. Talking in relevance with Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek he mainly handles the Italian Group as he is excellent in spoken Italy. But it does not mean that he only deal with Italian people he is excellent in English language also and leads the way to Manaslu Circuit for other foreigner to and was always successful in his career.
He is fluent in both spoken and English along with perfect Italian for conversation. He possesses excellent knowledge about the local culture, costumes and other practices of Sherpa and Buddhist people. Another plus point of Mahendra Simkhada is he was born in Gorkha Arughat (Start point of Manaslu Circuit Trekking) that means he definitely had more idea about local people throughout the trail of Manaslu Region.

Mr. Bishnu Adhikari

Early in his career he was teacher of social studies in government school with excellent knowledge on geography and history of Nepal. But later on he shift his career from teacher to trekking guide after gaining A grade certificate in his examination for license for tours and trekking. He is working in this field for five years. He is an old and experienced trekking guide with the ability to answer each and every queries of client relevant to trekking in Manaslu Region.
Mr. Bishnu has successfully crossed the Larke La Pass of Manaslu Region several times in his short career. He is very diplomatic person with sound relationship with the tea house of Manaslu Region. He can manage accommodation during trek in excellent way and poses ability to take the leadership. He is very honest and trust worthy person. He is always ready to help clients in time of need. He posses excellent communication skill and know how to treat whom how in which situation.
Among other trekking trail of Nepal he has invested his effort in this Manaslu region for his career. He is struggling to make his bright future in restricted area trekking. We hope he will become one of the best guides in specialized with restricted area. Hope after reading this you will refer him as your guide and give him a chance.

Mr. Prakash Lamichanae

I cannot control my laugh remembering the name of Mr. Prakash because he is one of the funniest guides I had seen in my career. He is young, energetic and dynamic employee with very bright future in tourism. He was working with our company since last six years. During this period he had proved himself as one of the best guide.
Mr. Prakash has successfully completed Manaslu Circuit Trekking more than eight times along with its neighbor Tsum Valley Trek which also belongs to restricted area trekking of Nepal. He was also from Arughat with excellent knowledge about local practices and costumes. He is very good in singing folk songs this is his secret. During dusk he use sing in front of the group and cannot stop himself from dancing in traditional ways. He is always smiling and very cheerful person. He uses to teach local song and dance steps to his clients.
He poses an excellent communication skill in English. He is very skilled in entertaining his clients as well as he is familiar in dealing with various problem and queries of client. He is a government authorized license holder with very good knowledge for first aid in case of high altitude and other sickness. In short he is dynamic employee of our organization with excellent knowledge on related field.

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Manaslu Trekking Permit Cost

Restricted area permit: US $ 50 per week per person and extra US $ 10 per day which mean for US $ 50 you can travel for seven days and after seven day government will charge US $ 10 per day per person. Let us make it clear with an example, suppose your trek will be of 10 days in restricted area then you need to pay US $ 50 and extra US $ 30 for extra three day.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) entry fee: Nepali Rs. 2000/- per person
Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entry fee: Nepali Rs. 2000/- per person

Note: Since you pay for Restricted Area Permit there is no need to pay separate for TIMS card.

For case of restricted area trekking there is certain code of conduct to be followed by trekkers. The main code of conduct is you can't trek this region alone. You must need to hire a government authorized trekking guide. In order to grab the more detail about Manaslu Region Trekking please follow us at Osho Vision Trek and Expedition p. Ltd. and send a mail in email address "raj.oshovision@gmail.com"

For The More Details About Manaslu Region Trek  Email Us : info@nestadventure.com ( NEST ) One of leading trekking agency specialized for Manaslu Circuit Trek  )

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Manaslu Trekking Season

Manaslu Trekking Season

February : Although the temperature is bit cold weather will be more clear and beautiful. Along with the forest full of Rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) hiking up toward Larke la pass is amazing and really wonderful as upper parts of trail are covered by snow and all peaks are snow capped during this season.

March , April and May : This three month can be considered as the best season for trekking in Manaslu region, as the weather is perfect and so as the temperature will be, however it will be little hot in lower belt but perfect in upper belt of trail. One can easily digest the amount of cold in this time with some normal down jacket only.

September, October, November and early December: After the adequate rainfall during June, July there is plenty of snow at the top of mountain along with crystal clear blue sky with few white cloud. The weather will be perfect up to November. However from the starting of December followed with little snowfall all the villager from upper belt like Samdo, Dharamsala descend to lower belt because after some couple of days there will be massive snowfall and it will not be easy to survive in such cold as well as no trekkers conduct the trek during this time.

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Manaslu Trek Map

Aerial view of Manaslu Circuit Trek from Starting Point to End of the trek
                                         Manaslu Trekking Map 

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Manaslu Circuit Trek High Lights

local buses from kathmandu to Arughat (Starting Point of Trek), quite long but scenic as well as fun to drive through the country side of Nepal

Netrawati River, Trail toward Arughat one of the scenic river to swim, if travelling via Private Jeep
Arughat Bazar, One of the big market center of Manaslu where all the people from Tsum, Manaslu came for shopping

Local kids having fun during a month long festival name Dashian

Here we go, start of trekking heading toward Manaslu

One of the dangerous bridge too be crossed, however this days it is already replaced by trust bridge
View on the way to Jagat, start point of restricted area and view of Sringi Himal on the far edge
Local people on the trail walking with some traditional hand held utility good

Home stay, local women cooking food for us in her traditional home

Mt. Manaslu, Killer mountain awesome view .... best view really best Mt. Manaslu
At the top of Larke Pass, one of the longest pass quite difficult pass but demanding trail for the best view from the top of Summit before descending the technical downhill slope toward Bimthang