Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek

In details Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek become more popular because of policy of Nepal Government to develop road in inaccessible place of Nepal Annapurna Circuit Trek has dramatically reduced it itinerary from twenty days to twelve days. But in case Manaslu Circuit Trek it lies in extremely remote Manaslu Region on Nepal in Gorkha District. Considering its poor infrastructure Nepal Tourism Board had declared it as restricted area trekking of Nepal. Few years ago only camping trekking was possible in Manaslu region but now days because of establishment of few tea houses on the trail there arises the possibility for tea house trekking in Manaslu Circuit. However it is still in restricted area trekking which mean no foreigner trekker can access Manaslu circuit without our government authorised guides and other team member.Few year ago only few tourist had explore this virgin beauty of Nepal as it was not feasible for everyone to attend camping trekking because of several reason like budget, lack of event manager and several other obstacles but nowadays this place is easily accessible as one can explore this less beaten virgin trail and cross Larke La pass with help of government authorised trekking guide and help of local tea house. 
Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek is one of the areas of specialisation of our company. NEST ( Nepal Explore Summit Treks ) has already organised number of Manaslu Circuit Camping Trekking as well as Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trekking. We have professional guide who had already conducted Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trekking more than fifteen times in their carrier along with other trekking of Nepal. As it is remote it is peace, as it is restricted area it is less crowded, as it is far-flung it is less beaten trail almost virgin trail in compare to other famous trek. This area is fully predisposed by Tibetan Buddhism so one can explore the isolated beauty of Nepal with Tibetan Buddhism throughout the Trail of Killer Mountain as Manaslu Mountain is also known as Killer Mountain. Please feel free to contact our representative to get answer of your queries about Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek