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Manaslu Tea House Trekking Itinerary

Day 01 : Drive from Kathmandu (1350m) to Arughat (570m)
Early in the morning we will head toward Gorkha Arughat with local bus as the unavailability of tourist bus as this is almost virgin trail in compare to other trekking trail of Nepal like Annapurna base camp, Annapurna circuit trek and so on. Because of less departure of tourist there is no such facility of tourist bus. But travelling with local bus along with local people is a new experience for anyone. Although the trail from Kathmandu to Arughat is only 140 km it will take more than 5 hours because of condition of road, traffic and other situation.
Day 02 : Drive from Arughat (570m) to Soti (730m) by jeep and then trek to Lapu Beshi (880m)
After having a delicious breakfast at Arughat we will take help of local jeep to get our self to the height of 730m at Soti after the approximate two hour’s drive from Arughat via full off road trail. Nowadays because of tendency of attending tea house trek against camping trek all itinerary of single day has been made very short in order to manage the guest house or lodge on the way so we will walk very short distance everyday like about 6 to 7 hours a day. So taking a jeep for the first day of the trek is really best alternative for good starting of trek.
Day 03 : Trek from Lapu Beshi (880m) to Tatopani (990m)
Our next destination for overnight for third day is Tato Pani. Today it will be an easy walk of about 7 to 8 hours approximately from Lapu Beshi to Tato Pani as there is no such difference in altitude in compare to Lapu Beshi and Tato Pan i.e. 110m it will be an easy walk. On the way to Tato Pani after having three hours of walk we will reach Khorla Beshi for launch at about 930m altitude from sea level. After having launch and taking some rest we should again get prepared for next two hours of walk from Machhekhola to Tato Pani where we can have pleasant bath on natural hot spring. After refreshing our self with hot spring we can spend our rest of the time just hanging around at Tatopani.

Day 04 : Trek form Tatopani (990m) to Jagat (1410m)
After ordering breakfast at guest house we can take hot shower on Tatopani and after finishing taking shower we can join on the table for breakfast followed by packing bag to get ready for start hiking for next five hours. After having launch at Thulo Dhunga today we are going to enter in the restricted area for which you had paid approximately 30 us dollar for a week but another advantage is you don’t need to pay for TIMS card.  

Day 05 : Trek from Jagat (1410m) to Dyang (1800m)
After having breakfast in the morning at about seven o’clock we are heading toward Dyang passing via Philim. On the way today we will have our launch in Philim which is almost about on the middle of the trail from Jagat to Dyang. After taking some rest we will head toward Dyang for the rest of the night. 

Day 06 : Trek from Dyang (1800m) to Ghap (2160m)
As usual today also we are going to do trek same like day three, four and five. After having breakfast in the morning we will head our self toward Ghap following the same trail like previous days. On the way we will have launch in Bifedi. After taking launch followed by couples of minute of rest we will head toward Ghap to spend our rest of the night.
Day 07 : Trek from Ghap (2160m) to Lho Gaon (3180m)
After having breakfast at Ghap we should again get ready to walk for next six to seven hours. On the way to Lho Gaon almost at the middle of the seven hour trail at about three hour there is a place called Namrung situated at altitude of 2660m from sea level where we will have our launch. After having some launch and taking adequate rest at Namrung we will slowly hike our self up to the altitude of 3180m at Lho Gaon for rest of the night.
Day 08 : Trek from Lho Gaon (3180m) to Sama Gaon (3530m)
Comparatively today’s trek is the easiest one in compare to other days treks as today we will gain the altitude of only 350m and the duration of trek is just about four to five hours. Today we will have our launch directly at Sama Gaon and spent rest of the night over village of Sama Gaon. 

Day 09 : Acclimatization Day (3530m)
Today we will not further hike up toward the high mountain instead we will spend our day just wandering around Sama Gaon. Acclimatization day should not be considered as waste day instead it should be understood as the way to make our self get fit and adopt in the new altitude. Today we will utilize our day by visiting famous Sama Gaon Gompa and Birendra Lake. Rest of the night we will spend of same lodge as yesterday.
Day 10 : Trek from Sama Gaon (3530m) to Samdo (3690m)
Today is also one of the easiest days in compare to other because today also it is same like that of eighth day. We are going to gain the altitude of one hundred sixty meter and duration of walk is about four to five hour only. Today we will have our launch and dinner in same lodge at Samdo. Today is also like acclimatization day with just four hours of walking and difference of one hundred and sixty meter altitude.

Day 11 : Trek from Samdo (3690m) to Dharamsala (4470m)
During the time of making this content for manaslu circuit tea house trek there is only one tea house in Dharamsala. So we like to suggest out valuable client to carry some light food and some warm clothes so that it can be utilize during the time of need if the tea house is quite busy. Today it might be little tough for accommodation in Dharamsala as we have already mention that there is only one tea house which might be sometime unable to fulfill all the desire of their clients.

Day 12 : Trek from Dharamsala (4470m) to Bimthang (3720m)
Today is the most amazing and adventurous day of our trekking as we are going to cross the most awaited Larke La Pass via altitude of 5135 meter from sea level. It is less travelled almost virgin pass to cross in Nepal. One the way to Bimthang there is no any tea house. So today we need to manage our self for our launch and other tea, hot water etc. Today we will wake up at early in the morning about 4:00 o’clock and hike to our destination Larke La pass. After completing difficult four hours of uphill we will reach our destination i.e. top of the Larke La pass. At the top we can take few minutes of rest, took some snapshots of Manaslu Mountain, can have cup of hot water along with launch and then start descending toward the Bimthang for about approximately 3 hours. If we are really hungry then we can order some items from the menu in lodge and just keep waiting for that with hungry stomach.

Day 13 : Trek from Bimthang (3720m) to Tiliche (2300m)
From now on our uphill is totally finished, we just keep descending toward the low altitude. Because of this reason we can walk for more time per day in compare to that going up from Arughat. On the way to Tiliche we can have our launch either on Shurke Khola or Gowa actually it does depend upon the condition; you can make decision by consulting it with your guide. After having launch we will descend for Tiliche for couple of hour and spend our night in some guest house in Tiliche.

Day 14 : Trek from Tiliche (2300m) to Tal (1760m)
Today we are going to leave the restricted area and going to be joined along with the famous trail of Annapurna Circuit Trekking. After having launch in Dharapani our restricted area trekking permit will get expired and our ACAP permit card start working for the rest of the trek. After crossing Dharapani we can really feel the crowd of trekking group on the way actually they are going to attend Annapurna circuit Trekking. During overnight stay in Tal you can share your experience with other trekker and encourage then to conduct Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Don’t forget to refer you company not only for Manaslu Circuit Trekking even for other treks like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek in simple word for all the activities in Nepal because we are sure that our guide and porter will keep you happy and therefore they make you loyal toward company.

Day 15 : Trek from Tal (1760m) to Chyamche (1430m) and Drive form Chyamche (1430m) to Besisahar (870m)
Early in the morning after having breakfast we further descend toward Chyamche for our launch. From Chyamche our trekking will became much comfortable as there is no need to walk one can just sit inside the jeep and can keep watching mountain, waterfall and other natural beauty throughout the way up to Besisahar. But even the jeep driving will not be luxurious because of the condition of road as it is newly constructed full off road. But it will be an amazing experience to drive in such road. Over night at Besisahar. 

Day 16 : Drive form Besisahar (870m) to Kathmandu (1350m)
Depending upon the schedule of bus we will have our breakfast and start travelling via local bus toward Kathmandu. Travelling along the bank of Trishuli River with Mountain Manaslu on far north side we will be heading toward Kathmandu by waving our hand to Manaslu. Oh the way one can have delicious launch on the typical hotel of highway. As per arrival on Kathmandu our representative will transfer you to the hotel. 

 Note : Manaslu restricted Trekking Days will start from day :04 and end at Day 14 from this itinerary

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